A long time ago, I dreamed of discovering an outlet to express the wilderness within my heart and imagination. When connected to and creating from this space, I feel completely at home in myself. 

I call this space the heart of being, and consider embracing it an essential element of a well lived life.


Aria Azul is my outlet to create works that honor my experiences & revelations within the heart of being, while emphasizing a complete reverence for the basic truth of impermanence. The universe is complex! Life is neither clear nor concise! To me, being artfully alive means to feel the full breath of wonder & beauty just as much as the exhale of difficulty and change. To understand the wilderness within my heart has been to honor the truth that I move just like the very tides that shake or lull me.  In and out, introverted/extroverted, contemplative/silly, serious/wild, sweet/fierce, wise/fool and everything in between. I actively choose to dance with reality, moving together, dipping, twisting... sometimes leading, sometimes surrendering.

In alignment with impermanence, Aria Azul is a castle made of sand. Designed to be built, broken, and rebuilt over and over through out my life. It is my multi medium, multi mystical heart offering and will change with the moon, with the seasons, with the tides- just like me, you, and everyone we know.

I hope you will enjoy your visit!

- Devin Jane





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