As a lifelong lucid dreamer, dreamwork practitioner, and insatiable multiverse seeker, Devin Jane hosts a variety of sessions and workshops related to dreaming.

"There is a realm just beyond our waking life where very different rules for time, space, and experience exist. It is a place full of stories and adventure told through a language of symbolic messages. This realm is accessed through our dreams and through waking life as well. Understanding what is within forever alters how we relate to what is without and our relationship to belonging.

Dream Quests & Inner Sight Workshop dreams, psychic intuition & energy 

Devin Jane believes in a path of direct experience and the empowered recognition of our opportunity to diversely expand our awareness by recognizing the weight of own hand and voice within reality.  A workshop with Devin is not so much a class with a teacher imparting knowledge, as an arrow pointing to the power you hold within yourself.  Waking up to a sense of the magic and possibility is an important step in the process of reclaiming our ability to live vibrantly awake and actively present.


Workshops with Devin Jane explore this and so much more.  Please visit the event calendar for information about upcoming sessions.

Dream Quests & Inner Sight Zine - COMING SOON

dreamwork & the imaginal realm

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